Right-to-RepairNewer technology products are often being engineered for disposal rather than repair and reuse. This is a disturbing trend that hurts the economy and the environment. All AFTRR members are committed to responsible reuse and that’s why we’re proud of our affiliation with the Repair Association (Repair.org).

The Repair Association, previously the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, was formed in 2013. The Association represents everyone involved in repair of technology — from DIY hobbyists and independent repair technicians, to nonprofit refurbishers like AFTRR and the aftermarket.

A free, independent market for repair and reuse is more efficient, more competitive, and better for consumers. Repair helps create local jobs, and repair and reuse benefits the environment by reducing end-of-life electronic products. The freedom to maintain, innovate, and improve upon our products is imperative. These basic freedoms are essential to American economic growth and creativity, and must be preserved for the 21st century.
Work with us to help the Repair Association fight for the rights of consumers everywhere.